Bologna  - Game changer !
“The moment and the movements has arrived”

How is it possible to reverse
from politics of anger and vengeance
permanent solution to the crisis
emancipate yourself from evil thoughts
How deceptive is your call for purity
ethnic and religious priority
turf politics to divide society
from a dis-functional entity

Engaged in a far fetched goal
promoting a divided sole  
local and regional sentiments  
heyday for the self declared thugs

fools dream that leads to isolation
dangerous road to fragmentation
designed to weaken a weak nation
in the name of self determination

The naked truth for a sensible opposition
dissenters should take into consideration
wouldn’t that be easier to form an alliance
when victims desperately seeking your guidance

With the help of a defunct element
extremists to revive their sentiment
to uproot “settlers” on bloodline
conflicts that may last for a life time

As the Red Sea became contentious
to advance regional influence
a global trend of the present
saving the regime for self interest

re-emergence of cold and proxy wars
with the new and old kingmakers
depending on the agents and surrogates
insurgency to carve out multiple states

Thousands will lose their lives
when tyrannical rule replaced by civil wars
valuable lesson from many countries
the essence of regional conflicts

Without a doubt, an on going tragedy
Mogadishu, Baghdad, Damascus and Benghazi
factions fully backed by foreign powers  
visionless and destructive movements

Neglected element in our society
serving  the nation  indefinitely
who should rescue the country
from the inevitable chaos and anarchy

Serving the world’s wicked thugs  
trickle down to the ranks,
ministers and high ranking officers
abandoning the regime from all corners  

Stated facts, the army defectors
Over half of the exodus
to declare war on the Defense Force
knowing the rank & file has little to lose

If the army’s last resort is disintegration
abandoning its legal & historical obligation
imagine entertaining the stated option
while sectarian conflicts dominated the scene

No nation can do without a strong army
the impact of this harsh reality
not for the purpose of hostility
but to preserve our collective sanity

The world will recognize your wisdom
when you resist and subdue the system
the moment and the movements has arrived
This regime is weak, desperate and divided

Citizens of sisterly nation
bring peace to  the region
win back your emancipation
join hands for a peaceful  mission

Many thanks to the kindness
humanly compassion to the  victims
be it the sanctuary given to the refugees
education and other opportunities

The time has come to prepare a package
begin to lobby the power to be
the “Carrot and Stick” timely strategy
complementary to the emerging reality

Demand reforms and submit proposals
and conditions to potential investors
don’t shut them off, and no sanctions
when they line up to do their projects

Unified and urgent call for oppositions
remove the presidential advisors
ban the party’s institutional apparatus
incarcerate the criminal elements

Petros Haile