Vaccine Nation

it all begins with clean water in hand
mineral resource; heart unbound
a human touch so kind
till a virus says; do you mind?

here we go again; viral
raised to another level; emotional
unvaccinated and sentimental; still in denial
so there; so mental

the virus is everywhere; perhaps forever
base of life; underground
in hibernation; here
or; there

all it requires is a host
a host of a kind
an uncultivated culture; lost in cult
oxygenated; in rust

so rises; the idea of a nation
in panic; in need of vaccination
in defence of a state
state in name; left to vegetate

the virus; sleepless in mutation
adapting to beyond recognition
ahead of human time
while the mind grounds to slime

the nation; rootless and outdated
rotten and infested
hopeful; yet confused
stands still; corrupted

as long as ignorance is sold
ready; unpaid for consumption
the heart is set
cold; for viral communication

Gabriel Guangul
21 August 2014