We, a London-based ad-hoc group, are planning to host a Peace Conference on 18-19 Dec, 2009 in London. The primary objectives of the conference are:

•   to bring together limited number of Eritreans from different parts of the world in order to brainstorm on the imperatives of peace in Eritrea;
•   to develop a framework, based on an in-depth understanding of the damaging effects of war and the beneficial dividends of peace, that can provide effective guidance to the long overdue peace movement in our country and in due course in the region;
•   to develop common understanding of the dynamics and complexities of the livelihood systems of the border communities in our country and the neighboring countries and to evaluate  how these have been affected not only by the border war but also by the present impasse reflected on a state of  no-peace-no-war;
•   to discuss ways and means by which the devastating effects of the state of ‘no-war-no-peace’ can be minimized and over time eliminated; and
•   to converse on constructive ideas that can over time foster the development of social values and political norms that can contribute to peaceful coexistence of the countries in our region based on good neighborliness and mutual  recognition, as well as respect for the fundamental principles of international and regional treaties based on international law.

By conducting a series of formal and informal discussions and consultations with all Eritrean stakeholders world-wide and at a later stage with like-minded citizens of our neighboring countries, especially Ethiopia, we believe that it is possible to lay the edifice of the foundation on which a movement that promotes and consolidates a culture of peace rests.
If we work together, we believe these efforts will over time engender among like-minded actors commitment to public causes that can break the impasse that has barred Eritreans and Ethiopians from reaching out to one another in pursuit of their mutual interest—peace and political stability—which are sine qua non for economic development and social progress which are in short supply in our region.

Members of the Organising Committee: Ms Selam Kidane, Mr Suleiman
Hussein, Dr Gaim Kibreab and Mr Dawit Mesfin
Project Manager: Mr Paulos Tesfagiorgis

Help Andom, an Eritrean-American, get elected to Congress by donating at  andomforny.com/donate 


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