Who is Brigader General Tekle  Kiflay?


Date of birth: 1956

place of birth: Tseazega

Educational background 10th grade

Birgeder general

Salary 3700 Nkf (including allowance)

Hobby: Big time Gambler, drunkard, womanizer, contraband trader. AND NOW ACCUSED OF HUMAN TRAFFICING

Languages English understands but not fluent Arabic can communicate

Joined EPLF Late 1973

1976 unit leader then marah ganta in battalion 900 later  9
battalion leader was Tesfahiwet, then zamicheal ketama
commisar was Osman beluh later Teclay G/mariam (aden)
Philpos later after 2nd round cader school joined them and was marah hayli 

1977 with the restructuring and growth of the peoples army to the level of Brigade . He became marah hayl in brigade 4 where W/Michael Haile was the commander.  On strategic withdrawal he became commissar battalion with Mahammud Shagray Where Wichu and Tecle libsu  were the commanders the same brigade 
1984 commissar brigade with Omer Tewil in division 61 where Ali Ibrahim ,Fessahaye W/el,were Commanding after the death of Ali.

1991 commissar of division 61 during liberation1991.

1992-1994 commissar of core 491

1994-1997 chief of operations of infantry force

1998-2000 commander of division 

Present: commander of operational zone 1 and border guard + coordinator of relations with SPLA -2012.
Now commander of reserve force


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