Sorry guys for having failed you to report on parts III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII of the series Popular Uprising: Eve of the End of Era of Domination and Transition to New World Order that has been churning out at a rapid rate. But if we are to summarize this whole series in one sentence, it would say: Egypt has failed because it didn’t pursue the self-reliant way that Gamal Abdel Nasser pioneered (and, incidentally, one that Eritrea subscribes to).

To prove the success of Nasser’s Egypt and its “self reliance policy”, as opposed to the failure of his successors’ “open door policy”, here is the bombshell – nay, the nuke – that the PFDJ dropped (call it the Mother of All Lies):

“During the leadership of Gamal Abdel Nasir, Egypt managed to meet 85% of its food needs thanks to the agricultural and industrial revolution.  Besides, it succeeded in setting up over 1,200 various industrial plants, in addition to establishing big military industries in a bid to strengthen its defense capacity. The capital of the production enterprises amounted to USD 1,400 billion during that period, according to the World Bank. Egypt’s GDP also exceeded that of the G-7 countries of today by 4 to 5%.

This mountain of LIE has probably no parallel in the history of economics. Even the US economy started counting its GDP in trillion only during the 70s. But then again they needed that kind of statistics to assert an even bigger lie they followed it up with: that “Egypt’s GDP also exceeded that of the G-7 countries of today by 4 to 5%.” The Ministry of Truth is telling us that Egypt’s GDP during Nasser era exceeded the GDP of the likes of Canada, France, Italy, UK, Germany, Japan and US today!

What, indeed, has gone wrong with the Ministry of Information writers? Why have they gone haywire in their analysis? Are they being told to write these lies with a gun pointed at their heads? Or are they deliberately sabotaging the regime? The usual maxim for a believable lie is: lie as close to the truth as possible. These idiots though seem to go to the opposite end of this advice: their lies are so farfetched that it wouldn’t even fool their dimwit foot soldiers in Dehai.

All these lies though are meant to prove one thing and only one thing only: when it comes to economics (and everything else – military, politics, diplomacy, etc), there is no match to the self reliant way that Eritrea strictly adheres to. So why did Egypt fail: because it replaced Nasser’s “self-reliance policy” with Sadat’s and Mubarak’s “open door policy”. And, of course, behind every assertion is a huge lie. We cannot go over all their self-serving lies, but provide you only with a sample:

On government vs the people

The “open-door policy” is, of course, the doing of none other than the evil US and its collaborator IMF:

“The first demand put forth for Sadat after falling under the yoke of US hegemony was change of previous policies. And as such, he was compelled to change his economic and political policies. The so-called ‘open economy policy’ that Sadat pursued in order to reconcile with the western countries was in gross disregard to the country’s 20-year old policy. The ‘open economy’ in essence amounted to limiting government’s role in directing development programs and totally placing the national economy under the private sector through refraining the government from getting involved in the work of all economic institutions. …”

The lesson # 1 that we are supposed to get out of this is: Interpreted in PFDJ lingo, and not so subtly conveyed to Eritreans, the above quote goes as follows: “Eritrea is doing fine because it has destroyed all the private sector and replaced it with government owned companies.” And all this wisdom is attributed to its newly discovered guru – none other than Gamal Abdel Nasser!

But this “open-door policy” is an overarching one that includes political, military and diplomatic sectors, besides the obvious economic sector. And the Shabait wiz kids have to find a lesson in each of those fields pertinent to the Eritrean condition.

On respecting basic human rights

When it comes to “political openness”, here is how the MOI admonishes all those who violate basic human rights:

“It thus became obvious that Sadat’s resort to ‘political openness’ was not to his advantage taking into account the growing internal and external opposition.  Although he allowed nominal political pluralism and freedom of expression, he was not at all willing to tolerate any opposition as regards the Camp David accord. Hence, it is not surprising to witness that he not only applied force but also prevented the exercise of basic human rights in a bid to suppress the mounting opposition.

Lesson # 2: If Sadat had used peaceful means and allowed “the exercise of basic human rights” (including political pluralism and freedom of expression) when dealing with the opposition, the way Isaias has done in Eritrea in all his Peaceful Magnificence (as every Human Rights group in the world would attest!) – all said and done in a “self reliant” way – Egypt wouldn’t have been in such a mess. So what Egypt lacked is the “political openness” practiced in Eritrea! Boy, oh boy, we don’t think even North Korea would attempt to get away with such a mountain of lie.

On the iron will of Isaias

And when it comes to the quality of leadership that Egypt lacked, look no more than our own Beloved, Benevolent and All Wise Isaias Afwerki as a role model:

“President Housni Mubarak who became Egyptian leader after the assassination of Anwar Sadat applied the policy of ‘openness’ on a bigger scale. ….. In other respects too, he was not that firm and courageous in decision-making. In light of this, external forces keen to undermine Egypt’s political, economic and military capacity welcomed Housni Mubarak’s assumption of the Office of Presidency.”

Lesson # 3: Had Mubarak been as “firm and courageous in decision-making” as our iron-willed Isaias, he wouldn’t have given in to outside forces (the forces of imperialism and colonialism), and would have achieved all that Eritrea has achieved politically, economically and militarily! No wonder at one time, the Highdef media was talking about “hatsinawi menfes” of His Excellency.

On the state of emergency

Most brilliantly, what the PFDJ abhors is the state of emergency:

“… The release of political prisoners detained in the days of Sadat rule was one of the steps he took. Nonetheless, Mubarak let the state of emergency declared by Sadat continue as before under the pretext of controlling the activities of extremist elements. It is to be noted that this declaration remained in force for 30 years until the recent stepping down of Housni Mubarak…”

Thanks God Eritrea has never declared any “state of emergency”! That is why in Eritrea there are no extremist elements! Had it declared a state of emergency, this would have meant, among other things, suspension of independent media, detention without due process of law, indefinite national service – all of which don’t exist in Eritrea! But since Mubarak did declare a state of emergency, look at the mess the put the nation through.

On the Iraqi invasion

And the Isaias regime, world-wide known for its principle and tsin’at, has nothing but contempt for Mubarak betraying Iraq:

“… The fact that it [Egypt] supported US invasion of Iraq both in 1990 and 2003, Israeli attack against Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, as well as its failure to strongly oppose Ethiopia’s invasion of Somalia made it an impotent nation lacking an independent decision-making.”

Hmmm! Wasn’t Eritrea the first nation in the region to jump into the bandwagon of the “Coalition of the Willing”? And wasn’t it Egypt’s bidding that the Isaias regime has been doing in Somalia? Even the most recent memories have to be erased to give way to highdef logic.

Well, guys, the Pinocchio list of the Ministry of Information Serving the Truth is very long. All that you have to do is visit Shabait and the follow the series on their Mideast analysis … if you haven’t had enough already.


Dear readers, we will leave you with what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (not to be outdone by Ministry of Information’s brilliant analysis) has come out today regarding the UN’s resolution to suspend Libya’s membership:

“The Eritrean government believes that it would be legally and morally unjustified to pass a motion or a resolution on the 'suspension of the right of membership of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya in the UN Human Rights Council' without/ before conducting appropriate full and independent investigation on the matter.”

Amazing! It dares to invoke legality and morality – two things that are found in Eritrea in their abundance! It seems that the MOI, after all, is not so keen on the Popular Uprising it has made subject of its analysis. Doesn’t it want the “Eve of the End of Era of Domination and Transition to New World Order” to come soon?


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