It is a public secret among Eritreans that the PFDJ, the ruling party of Eritrea, has been using its supporters in Diaspora to illegally transfer money from outside to its coffers in Eritrea. It never uses legal means to transfer the much-needed hard currency. Itself being an illegal government, with no mandate from the people and no accountability at all, this comes as no surprise. What is surprising is that this has been going on for such a long time and out there in the open that it reflects more on the opposition’s weakness than the ability of the PFDJ’s’s clandestine network to evade legal authorities to survive this long. 

The PFDJ, formerly known as EPLF, was adept at this practice from its early years as a liberation front, Then as now, it used to collect huge amounts of money from the Diaspora community to benefit a few at the top. And what is more ghastly, then as now, it used the money to imprison, “disappear” and execute many, in the process of consolidating power in the hands of a few. The import of this illegal money flow is more relevant now than ever because, as a party running a nation, the PFDJ entirely depends on Diaspora money to conduct its daily activities throughout its governing structure.

Not anymore! We will never let this illegally procured, mostly through coercion, and illegally transferred money to be used to stretch the life of this fascist regime. A list of all the individual names of those PFDJ supporters involved in this illegal money transaction will be made public soon.