Yiakil Protest San Jose California - 

Yiakil Protest San Jose California - 

Video Credit Victor Daniel

There has been a dramatic surge in protests in Eritrean communities in diaspora of late. The diaspora communities are growing rapidly due to the fact that tens of thousands of youngsters are leaving the country every year due to insurmountable political/economic/social hardships that are prevailing in the country.

The campaign is spreading across Europe, North America and other parts of the world. Many youngsters assembled for the "Enough is Enough", chanting both for youth empowerment and against the ruthless President as well as his manipulative PFDJ party.

The "Enough is Enough" protests for change - the San Hose Chapter - is organised by grassroots Eritrean youngsters fighting against the entrenched dictatorship in Eritrea.

The campaign is in response to the oppressive regime's incorrigible ways in Asmara, the endless national service that has trapped the Eritrean youth for decades, regimented lifestyle with no future prospects in the lives of all Eritreans, and low standard of living which has ruined both the urban and rural areas.

The organisers say they want to send a clear message to President Isaias Afwerki, the un-elected leader, to his party (the PFDJ), to Eritreans trapped inside the country, to those who live abroad, and the whole world that Eritreans want dictatorship to be stopped.

Young Eritreans are taking to the streets of their host nations, demanding change because they are tired of the same old autocratic rulers, government policies, political traps and endless servitude while misery has become prevalent throughout the country.

Enough is Enough!

Help Andom, an Eritrean-American, get elected to Congress by donating at  andomforny.com/donate 


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Yiakil Protest San Jose California - 

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