About Arhe Hamedmaca  

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Born in 1953.

Joined Eritrean Liberation Front at age 15.

Admitted to Sweden in 1985.

Attended High School and took various college level courses and training.

Worked in a variety of jobs including with the Stockholm Metro as a ticket barrier and supervisor.

Developed Sharaf Heroes--an anti-honor-violence project.

Served as manager and educational organizer for courses on democracy, human rights and integration.

Joined several political boards in Sweden.

Served as a Political Advisor, Minister for Integration and Gender Equality.

Became member of Stockholm City Council.

Member of the Swedish Parliament (2010).

Member of the Swedish delegation to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

Member of Committee on Justice.

Deputy Member of Committee on Health and Welfare.

Election Observer: Georgia, Albania, Serbia and Ukraine.