About James Yap

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James Yap is a Toronto-based lawyer. He has a JD from Osgoode Hall and an LLM from Yale. He specializes in business and human rights has published several scholarly articles and book chapters on topics related to this field and to international law more generally. In the past he has advised counsel on several Canadian transnational human rights tort claims, and also served as a law clerk to former Supreme Court judge Ian Binnie, a leading Canadian proponent of corporate accountability for complicity in human rights violations. Further abroad, he is on the Advisory Board of the American Bar Association's Business & Human Rights Project, and has also advised American NGO EarthRights International, a pioneer in Alien Tort Statute litigation against corporations in the United States. Presently, he is counsel for the plaintiffs in the ongoing litigation against Canadian company Nevsun Resources Limited over allegations of slave labor, torture, and crimes against humanity at its Bisha mine in Eritrea.