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"Absence of War"

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By Petros Haile


for every dead soldier

ten plus more relatives grieve

to some, remains a permanent scar

so it seems, no more killing

yet, it lingers on every living soul


family and community disintegrate

when the toll for the damage counted

society begins to gloom on its intensity

one by one, and no one escape

dead, maimed and displaced


To the never ending nightmare

those who can, left the country

promise not to return

to the place they despise


assessing the damage, how the nation injured

in the unnecessary war, might also be unprovoked

war does not discriminate, even to those who ignite


the greatest damage of all

nation's innocence has been robbed

trust no one, take no prisoners

victory at any cost

collective Psyche of survival


pretensions & fear takes over

victory celebrated in partial forms

war songs & dance over the dead

guns became the national emblem


reminding the relatives of the other side

that their loved one's death

the cause for celebration to others

their sorrow & despair

becomes a joy to the "victors" 

no winner or looser 

absence of war does not translate to peace

we carry the scars to our grave


when the nation reveals the reality

no amount of comfort & therapy

erase the pains from our memory


for the faults of irrational humans

men, women & children suffer

no matter who celebrate victory, or concede defeat



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