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What is behind the scenes for the denial of Naizgi's body burial in Eritrea

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This page has a compilation of articles, opinions, news, cartoons, poems, comments, videoclip and audio with regard to the delay in the burial of the late Ambassador  of Eritrea in Russia Mr. Nayzghi Kiflu.  The purpose of  this document   is to record the inhuman behavior  of the Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki, and to show that he can do whatever he likes,  even  stopping the Eritrean Ambassador in London Tesfamicael Gerahtu,  from  going for the churchfuneral service on 16th of February 2012.

Niazghi Kiflu who was a close friend and right hand man of Isaias Afewerki died on the 6th February 2012.  On the day of his death government officials, Mr. Yemane Ghebreab, Tesfamicael Gerahtu, and Mr. Osman Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs, informed the family that his body will be taken to Eritrea to receive a martyr’s burial ceremony.   Despite this promise, it is  more than a month  since Niazghi died but his body is still not buried due to the Eritrea embassy in London failing to  issue  the required documentation for it to be flown to Eretria. When the Eritrean Embassy was asked to provide a reason  for the delay  by the PFDJ’s supporters, meskerm net website, and VOA staff, the only answer were  that they are still waiting to hear from the Eritrean President.  This was a shock for everyone even for the PFDJ supporters.  ከመይ ዝበለ ክብደት ዘለዎ ጉዳይ ስለ ዝኾነ እዩ?

ካብ ዓዲ እንግሊዝን ካብ ውሽጢ ሃገርን ዝነፍስ ዘሎ ርጥብ ዝበለ ወረ፡ ጉዳይ ናይዝጊ ክፍሉ፡ ናብ ፕረሲደነት ኢሰያስ ከም ዝተሰጋገረን፡ ዋላ'ውን ንገዛእ ርእሱ ኤምባሲ ኤርትራ ኣብ ዓዲ እንግሊዝ፡ ውሳኔ ናይ ፕረሲደንት ኢሰያስ ይጽበ ከም ዘሎ ይሕበር። ካሳብ ውሳኔ ፕረሲደንት ሃገር ኤርትራ ዘድልዮ ድኣ፡ ከመይ ዝበለ ክብደት ዘለዎ ጉዳይ ስለ ዝኾነ እዩ ዝብሉ ናብ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ቅርበት ዘለዎም ዜጋታት ትሒም-ትሒም ይብሉ ከም ዘለዉ ይፍለጥ

This has raised a serious question why the Eritrean President, Isaias Afewerki refuses to allow the Niazgi body to be buried in Eritrea? According to some sources the current crisis over the burial  might have arisen because the deceased’s the good relations with Afewerki had deteriorated over the  past few years.  Additionally,  a rumor circulating  in London  states that  Niazgi  left  a written testimony  of  some 200 pages. If this true,  all secrets of  Isaias Afewerki will be revealed in the near  future. This piece of information was posted  on http://erigazette.org/?p=1723 Lekatit  says that  it makes sense to suppose that there is something happening behind the curtain.  And  I believe it is an expose, The dictator is trying to damage the reputation of Nizghi http://erigazette.org/?p=1723

To read the whole article, please press this link: http://www.ehrea.org/kiflue.htm


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