And more!

The pain; yet unaware
Of itself; up there
Still drips; furthermore


Drips of purified pain; droplets
In broken lines
Diluted to perfection
Almost drinkable
From impurities
From look-alikes; germs
Spread by gossip that sound like; music to the ears
Words; not yet absorbed
Not sunk yet
Through and through; unfiltered
Through a media
Mediated by transmitters and receptors
Go-betweens; from one source
To the other; connecting

Liquefied files
Contained in transparent plastic bags
Seemingly crystal clear; but
Corrupted to the core
Contaminated; full of unknown ingredients
Illegible writing
Here and there
Just labelled; safe
Fit for consumption
For people who lost all sense
Of being; or

Spread throughout; packaged
This liquefied; easily digestible
Liquid ignorance; dressed
In plain and smart phones; TV channels
Laptops and tablets
Drips; in droplets
As if being drawn from a glucose bag
Hanging from a stand; under a filthy rag
For people starved of information

Food for thought

Suffering from a kind of mental illness
A collective psychosis
A kind of deformed ability; with a heightened sense
Of self-destructive skills
Not that different from
Mass Information Deficiency Syndrome; MIDS
Downgraded; forever allergic
To confirmed facts and figures
Running down the road
To a downloadable internet clinic
A kind of a mental hospital
For the deranged
For those who search for
A psychotic trip; or
Thirst falsified info


Subsidised and self-taxed; or
Funded; ego-raised
A dollar a day; or
Two percent; per head

Cut off

From their own wage
Financing their own demise; without anger or rage
Just turn a blind eye; another blank page
In a self-constructed cage
For a reality; a mirage without a gate
A hologram that is not even there
A reality so surreal

This filtered and dormant space; out of sync
Soundproof; polluted by silence
Almost suicidal

Given the virtual survival
A virtual prison; rather
For the unfit and the diseased
This useless excuse of existence; sustained
The misery of those; who
At a cost to their own lives
Lost their livelihoods
Thrown out into the streets
Nothing to show for; or

There; laid bare

Hidden behind; a media of mass deception
Naked; beyond redemption
Faceless; without recognition
Distilled to nothing
Dripping blood; or
Floating dead in a pool of…
Compromised to the very end
Breathing the kind of stagnant air
Devoid of any life; in an atmosphere
Of unfiltered fear

Gabriel Guangul

14 September 2015


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