seemingly weightless

memories weigh in tons

and terabytes


how fascinating; these memories

with their flashing images

and useless recalls


cast their shadows

pixelated to bits and pieces 

on replay; blast their noises


nailed to nothingness

no attachments; no strings

says the I; high on its I-ness



on queue

on a waiting list

on death-row

on the edge

in the know


terrified of a future

yet non-existent; unknown

forever fretting; unable to figure


when the unknown is

the only way out; exit

from nowhere; to here


there and then

the I jumped

unlearned the habit; of repeating


spreading its arms

as light as a feather

shed its memories; thereafter


like dust; in desert winds

shattered itself

in open spaces


only to discover an old self

childlike in reflection; playing with sand

dissolved in a glass under itself; upon a shelf


Gabriel Guangul

1 May 2015



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