By Selam Kidane


                          Your eyes couldn’t protect me from their glower

                                        Surely I should trust your eyes

                                           …I should trust your eyes…

                                              Your eyes shouldn’t lie

                                                Not to me, not today

                                                   But Mother: your


                                                     Ever watchful

                                                        Eyes lied

                                                        With their




                                                          It’s silly

                                                      I now Know

                                                 But I used to think

                                              Until the skies told me

                                           Their blatant painful truth

                                        Your passion and compassion

                                     Was all I would need for protection

                                  But… your warm… embrace was a lie too

                              I trusted your clasp to protect me… to shield me

                  But Mother there is no sheltering from the evil I’ve come to know


                                                    I once thought                                     

                                            Your love will ward evil off

                                 And keep it far at bay away from me

                               But these skies they have a truth to tell

                  They tell me that your love is far too weak …dear Mother

           The skies told the truth when I woke up beneath them the other day

  And I found that I actually was… all on my own…on my own long strong legs

                                                       So I ran                                                    

                                                     I ran for life

                                          Away from their evil wrath

                                      From your weakened embrace

                                And your helpless gaze, away from life

                             Then I woke up in a desolate desert prison

                       Having been betrayed by my own long strong legs

                  The skies declared their truth of tears, anguish and pain

             Here not even your eyes followed me; I am all cold and forlorn

       The skies knew there is nothing new underneath, they had seen it all

 Mothers in pain as children run …to die... as the desert skies watch in silence