You shall not speak your mind
You will not demand change
You cannot question
You will not pray
Will not sell
Or buy
You must not have any dreams whatsoever
Nor have any hope or aspirations
You will go to war on demand
Or dungeons unknown
Will denounce friends
Betray conscience
Have no faith
Or ethics
And there will not be a free thinking soul
You will not uphold your honour
Cannot celebrate heritage
You will have no history
Nor pride in culture
Total submission
No questions
You shall assume the identity ascribed to you by us
You will only use the languages we tell you to
You will have the kind of education we allow
Worship the gods we create in our image
You will only eat as much as we tell you
You will read what we want you to
 We will call you what we want
Only live where we ask you to
Give up anything we ask for
 If you refuse we shoot  
To kill, no hostages!
Order from above!
May 24, 2010