Vetoes and Votes & now Sanctions
The Dictators’ Dictum 

No election he said “previously”
A barbarian at the gate
From the nightmare whence he came
To acquaint us with fear
No voting except for me
Bow before me and worship me
There is none but me
Forever more
No vetoing what I say
This land as small as a stack of hay
Is not enough so I find one that I pay
Acolytes that wreck havoc on the fray
To Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya & now Uganda
I send my lackeys and friends
So I can also go there to see
That there are none that challenge me
Now see what I mean !!! whether UN or UNMEE
No voting No Vetoing No Sanctions for me
If you do, you will hear from “Mekelle”
Who will hunt you while dancing on the Ukulele
Or from “Santim”, Ambassador from oppression
Who will induct you to U.S. freedom of expression
Bringing Derg’s Ethiopian friends
His Shaleka Uncle renewing contacts
Or from Zemede, bringing a tyrant’s omen
 To promise back the gold taken from Roman women
Or from the son of “Bashai” economic expert
 Running after escapees from the Sinai Desert
Or from Salih Omar, the Nairobian
Hitchhikes to Kenya after General Hadish Efrem
Or from Peter My Grace indulgent in Germany
Bergs auditioning for attention in Burgundy
And this is just the beginning, I still have my best tool yet
His “Happiness” and mine are of the utmost importance albeit 

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