Saline and seemingly calm
Unforgiving at night
Blinding in the day
A shameless thief
Deceitful killer
A bottomless grave
Soul snatcher
From eternity
To yesterday
You have swallowed
Persian forces
Greek Soldiers
Roman Legions
Egyptian Warriors
Carthaginian Fighters
Phoenicians Sailors 
Brave Moors
Countless others
Never satisfied
Hungry for new flesh
Now you dare to snatch 
My sisters and brothers
Hannibal’s distant cousins
Desert defying voyagers
Unyielding Eritreans 
Sworn enemies of tyranny
Beacons of liberty
Not easy to digest
Break or Silence
You stole their body
Not their spirit or soul 
As they rise to the heavens
They spit on you
Mediterranean Sea
Europe’s New Berlin Wall