Simply Free
If all my moments were poured into one
If all memory was to flow into that single instant
If all the courage in me was to strengthen that moment
If all the wisdom passed to me was to form a word for then
If all the languages I speak could craft that word
If all the colours I own painted my dream of a single word
If all my hope was contained in that potent word
If I was to spend eternity yearning for the message in a word
If I pass that word as a legacy to my children and theirs too
If I wouldn’t relent mouthing one word over and over
If I wouldn’t tire writing it in all the books that my world owns
If I would pipe it into all the music that my universe contains
If nature spelt it for me in the very rivers that flow through Eritrea
If I could teach the children to sing it in their rhymes
If I could persuade the elders to make it their blessing prayer
If I could l fling open the gates of Eraero
If I could shatter the walls of Nakura
If I could burn down the empty cells of Maisirwa
If we could dance on the rubbles of Karsheli
If we could plant beautiful flowers on the grounds of Adiabeyto
If we all stood up shoulder to should to say ‘FREE’
In unison
In harmony
In solidarity
In truth
In reality
In the end
In Eritrea
No more clanging chains
No underground dungeons
No disappearances at night
No tortured bodies dangling from a tree
No tormented souls taking off to flee
Simply FREE
I would  live for such a moment
And I would die getting there
To look you in the eyes as we mouth a word together
FREE simply FREE
September 2011
Dedicated to all prisoners of conscience in Eritrea
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