On the Occasion of the 19th anniversary of the Eritrean Independence Day, CDRiE congratulates the people of Eritrea and uses the opportunity to call on the PFDJ leadership to:-

  1. Release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience or immediately bring them to the court of law
  2. Allow all families and legal representatives of political prisoners as well as international human rights organisations to visit and verify their well being
  3. To take concrete steps aimed at introducing the necessary political reforms that will ultimately lead to the establishment of a constitutional and democratic governance

We also call on Eritreans in general and Eritrean Diaspora community in particular, to put pressure on the PFDJ leadership by loudly demanding release of political prisoners and constitutional democratic governance. Eritrean Diaspora community members have the national patriotic duty to question the PFDJ leadership on this occasion of independence day, for which our people sacrificed so much and proved they are worthy of independence, human rights and democracy.

CDRiE Executive Committee

17th May 2010

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