Invitation to ALL Justice Seeking Eritreans residing in the States of Pennsylvania, Delaware and South New Jersey

Justice Seeking Eritreans residing in the above mentioned states, regardless of their ethnicity, gender or religion, are kindly asked to participate in this meeting because it is our own case. 


Purpose of meeting:

The purpose of the meeting is to elect local leaders who will represent the Eritreans in the above states.

Date: April 2, 2017,

Time: 2 pm

Meeting place:

University of the Sciences

Rosenberger Hall, Room 102

600 S 43rd St. Philadelphia, PA 19104

We do not need to remind you how bad the situation in our country is and how much our people are suffering. Given the dire situation, it is incumbent upon all of us to do what we can to save our people and our country.

As has been extensively discussed by the Global Initiative to Empower Grassroots Movement (GI) for over a year, (See the website: Eritreans world-wide are being urged to elect local, country-wide, regional and global leaders.  This process will culminate in the election of Global Leaders who will be charged with the responsibility to prepare an effective strategy to bring about fundamental changes in our country in collaboration with Eritrean opposition groups and forces of change inside the country.

Please spread the word. The meeting will start on time. The meeting will be conducted in Tigrigna, Arabic and other Eritrean languages as deemed necessary.  We will appreciate your punctuality.

Local Election Organizing Committee

Representing Eritreans in Pennsylvania, Delaware and South Jersey



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