(Geneva 08/06/2016) Stop Slavery in Eritrea Welcomes the findings of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (COI Eritrea) that concluded crimes against humanity are indeed being perpetrated in the country that is ruled by fear, where constant disappearances are common.

The report issued this morning stated that over the past 25 years crimes against humanity have been committed in a widespread and systematic manner in Eritrea behind the walls of detention facilities and in military training camps and other places throughout the country.

The report also found that since 1991, Eritrean civilians have also been subjected to various human rights violations including enslavement, imprisonment, reprisals for the conduct of family members, discrimination on religious grounds, enforced disappearance, torture, persecution, rape and murder.

Stop Slavery in Eritrea, has been campaigning against the indefinite national service in the country that subjugated young Eritreans into slavery under the guise of national service. We particularly welcome the conclusion that forcing Eritreans into indefinite military service and subjecting them to horrific abuses, often being used as forced labour, is a main driver for so many people trying to leave the country. Additionally we welcome the special focus on women conscripts and agree with the conclusion that Rape and domestic servitude in military training centres and detention centres are being ignored.

Although the Government of Eritrea fundamentally denies the COI report, it remains the only country in the world which does not have rule of law and which has not applied its Constitution for more than 25 years.

Today we call on all humanity to work towards ensuring accountability by ensuring perpetrators are prosecuted.

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