In a few months, it will be a quarter of a century since Eritrea became independent, and although unfortunately those years can’t be classed as being filled with the kind of strides and achievements we would have liked, independence itself was an achievement gained as a result of unimaginable sacrifice.

Eritrea’s independence is the result of Decades worth of dedication and gallant determination by the entire nation. However, as is ever so typical of dictatorial regimes, PFDJ have diminished the role of the public ascribing all the glory onto itself. In fact, onto the dictator himself as if he brought Eritrean independence single handedly.

We should never allow this be the case, we should, instead never cease to celebrate the sacrifice and gallantry of our heroic fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. We thus call on fellow Eritreans to mark the significant occasion of Eritrea’s silver jubilee not by empty rhetoric and emptier jollity but by engaging in more meaningful reflections on what our respective response should be in the face of the immense sacrifice that was paid for us and for forthcoming generations of Eritreans.

Needless to say these reflections would inevitably include the current painful status of our nation and ultimately what each of us should do to rescue Eritrea. This should thus become a time of remembering the sacrifice and renewing our resolve to honor the promise that has been betrayed for 25 long years. We should enter the next phase of our history empowered by the legacy of heroism and sacrifice, determined to realize the liberty of Eritrea and every Eritrean. 

Our history is a perfect example of the fact that there is no victory without sacrifice and so Freedom Friday (Arbi Harnet) invites you all to march together towards Eritrea’s revival, which can only be realized as a result of our current collective struggle.

Freedom Friday
February 29, 2016



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