In a notorious security raid in September 2001, Eight chief editors of free press dailies and other 20 journalists were rounded up and taken to unknown places. This last move which was preceded by harassment and terror killed the nascent press freedom and the right of free speech in newly born Eritrea.

Strangulation of free press by unelected government in Asmara for more than a decade has placed Eritrea at the bottom of the international  list of countries which ban free press.

As we express our bold solidarity with our colleagues who committed no other crime than practicing their undeniable professional and national rights and simply ended up in dungeon, we appeal to all peace-loving peoples and organization to stand up for their moral responsibilities  towards the atrocities committed by Asmara regime against the Eritrean people every day.

We call all peace loving nations to remember and act in favor our colleagues who are deprived for more than 13 years of enjoying these festivities with their beloved.

Free all the prisons of conscience in Eritrea, Now!!

1.       Mohamed Taha Algaddel – Poet

2.       Tahani Abbas – HR Activist – Sudan

3.       Abdulrahman Farouk-  Journalist

4.       Mussab .M.Ali- journalist

5.       Mohamed Madani – poet- Sudan

6.       Fathi Osman     Writer     – France

7.       Abubakar Fretay – Journalist

8.       Fathi Elhaj- Graphic designer- Turkey

9.       Abdulahi Mahmoud  - Journalist

10.   Yaseen .M.abdalah journalist and HR Activist

11.   Ahmed Younis - Journalist

12.   Faisal Elbagir- Journalist

13.   Ahmed Ibrahim Osman-Journalist- Australia

14.   Hana Yassin – Journalist - Australia

15.   Sadah Suleman Alkenaney – Journalist –Doha

16.   Abdu Alrazig Karar – Journalist – Canberra

17.   Abubaker Hamed Kahal – Novelist – Norway

Salah Abo Ray         Civic activis

18.            – UK

19.   Shawgi Abd alazim         – Journalist – Sudan

20.   Addel Colour          – Journalist – Sudan

21.   Ibrahim Mergane           – Journalist – Sudan   

22.   Khaled Osman – Journalist – Australia

23.   Faisal Mohamed Salih   – Journalist – Sudan

24.   Maawea Al balal   - Journalist – Australia

25.   Mustafa Lasday – Journalist ­­­-  Australia

26.   Ahmed Mohamed – Journalist –  Sudan

27.   Abda Alaziz Baraka Saken – Novelist – Austria

28.   Abd Almonem Abo Idrees – Sudan – AFP

29.   Emaneel Barakhee – HR Activist - Denmark

30.   Khaled Abdo – Journalist – Sweden

31.   Kamal Karar – Journalist – Sudan

32.   Ali Hindi – Journalist – UK

33.   Doura Mohamed Mokhtar Gamboo – Journalist – Sudan  

34.   Saleh Gadee – Journalist – USA

35.   Osama Abd al haey – Journalist – Sudan

36.   Amanuel Ghirmay – Journalist – France

37.    Salah Alzien – Journalist – UK

38.    Aladin Mahmoud – Journalist – Sudan

39.    Yousif Polisee – Journalist – Switzerland

40.    Amal Ali – Journalist – UK

41.   Jamal  Humed   Journalist     Australia

Berhane Tewelde, Journalist -





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