The ever expanding Eritrean national crisis has confronted the at large Diaspora Eritrean Community with an acute sense of urgency. As crisis continues to go from bad to worse in Eritrea, the need for a unified collective response has become the most urgent responsibility of the organized and unorganized Diaspora community. 

To this end after long and protracted deliberative process we have decided to call for a massive peaceful demonstration in Washington DC on June 19, 2009 in conjunction with all organized and unorganized Eritreans. To be noted, this demonstration will be held at a time when the regime in Eritrea is annihilating Eritrean culture and identity by dismantling whole villages that has been in existence for centuries. It is time to speak up loudly and let the Eritrean people know we really care.
This demonstration will be qualitatively and quantitatively different in content and form from all other demonstrations organized previously. All minor differences and excuses should be pushed aside for the sake of our people and all effort must be made to pull together and demand justice and human rights for the Eritrean people.

The message of this demonstration is: We say, “ENOUGH”! It is time for Change in Eritrea.

The essence of this peaceful demonstration is to unequivocally affirm our unwavering support to the people of Eritrea and proclaim to the world that the time for change in Eritrea is past due. We call upon the people of Eritrean decent and friends of the people of Eritrea in North America to conduct a grass root mobilization in each community in order to attend this historic demonstration and lend their public support to the people of Eritrea.

Follow-up Press Releases will keep the Diaspora community informed on the details of the demonstration and other events organized in conjunction with the June19 demonstration.

For now this Press Release should be considered as an equivalent of ‘SAVE THE DATE’ – as an official announcement to encourage those who are willing in attending this historic comprehensive event to start setting up demonstration coordinating committees in order to start massive mobilization for the June 19 demonstration.

Eritrean Global Solidarity -The Event Organizing Committee
We can be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
April10, 2009