Concerned Eritreans living across the US are calling for a rally to be held in front of the White house to mark the International Day of Human Rights, to remember Eritrean victims of human traffickers, and to commemorate the struggle of the Eritrean people for human rights and justice. We call upon all Eritreans and friends of Eritrea to take part in the demonstration. We also appeal to Eritrean Civic groups and political parties to actively encourage and mobilize their members to participate in order to accelerate the momentum for change currently spearheaded by the youth movement. It is imperative, therefore, that peace and justice loving Eritreans unite to bring an end to the suffering of our people at home and those multitudes sheltered in horrible refugee camps.

The thrust of the planned rally is

•    To voice against gross human right violation in Eritrea as reflected by the arbitrary detention and imprisonment of people without due process of law, the inability to speak and write and the deprivation of fundamental right to work and earn a living

•    To advocate for the young who for the past 16 years is bonded to the so called National Service without or with minimum pay exploited by the higher echelons of the army and those in power

•    To expose the inhuman treatment of the Eritrean refugees who are perishing in hundreds in the North African Deserts, the Mediterranean Sea, in the prisons of Egypt and Libya, the human trafficking and organ harvest in the Sinai/Egypt and the horrible living conditions in Italy and Malta

•    To protest against the deportation of Eritreans to a country equated to the North Korea of Africa from the prisons of Egypt, Libya and the Sudan

The rest of us who live in material luxury and in a democratic environment have the moral obligation to voice our concern on behalf of our people who are muzzled to speak and terrorized to act. It is our national as well as human duty to help our people in the struggle for the reintroduction of the rule of law in Eritrea where freedom and the pursuit of happiness continues unimpeded.


•    Let’s rise up in unison to tell the undemocratic, repressive and totalitarian regime in one voice; ENOUGH is ENOUGH

•    We declare that all hope is not lost and in fact this will come to pass provided we join hands to challenge the seemingly invincible regime

•    In this regard we appeal to our brothers and sisters who innocently or otherwise are supporting the regime which repress their people in a fashion not seen anywhere else to join us in our campaign to bring a hopeful and free Eritrea where the young is free to explore his/her dreams, the adult is joyful with gratification to look after his/her family, where the old is provided the opportunity to reminisce in his twilight years

DATE: SATURDAY. DECEMBER 10 2011 Time 9:00am


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