(Asmara 12/01/2015) Details emerging from Asmara following yesterday’s shootouts in Hadish Adi, indicate that there was a prison break at the Police Station in Edaga Arbi and the shootings were a result of guards trying to stop the attempts by prisoners who were being transferred from Police station #3 (Salsay Medeber Police), there are no reports of fatalities.

Members of Team Arbi Harnet said ‘we ourselves counted about 11 shots yesterday and although we have not had as much information as we hoped to get, we have established that there was a prison break when prisoners were being loaded onto trucks that were transferring them to an unknown location, the shots can only be from guards contrary to what we heard yesterday, we are told that several prisoners have escaped and not been caught back’.

On a separate news the military training calls that were rescheduled for today from the 3rd of January, were once again foiled as only a handful of people, out of the thousands called, reported to their local administrative authorities. In some areas like Adi Abeyto, on the outskirts, not a single person turned up while in others between5 and 8 people reported in accordance to the calls. 

Asmara appears calm on the surface and shops and businesses are open as usual and there is nothing to indicate a clampdown from the regime.