Yemeni fishermenSANA'A, April 25 (Saba) – Hardship of Yemeni fishermen continues without intervention from the government as neighbor authorities continue to seize Yemeni fishing boats and harass crews.

This time the Eritrean authorities intercepted a Yemeni fishing boat while hunting in international waters in the Red Sea and seized a five crew onboard, according to the Interior Ministry Information Centre.

The boat with the crew were snatched to the Tai'o area in Eritrea and as they arrived there the Eritrean authorities confiscated the boat and fish aboard and then deported the Yemeni fishermen on another boat to the Khukha area in Yemen's southern province of Hudaida.

The security authorities are investigating.

In recent years, many Yemeni fishing boats were seized by neighbors with fishermen onboard harassed.

Last month, dozens of Yemeni fishermen were released after Saudi, Sudanese and Eritrean authorities held their boats while fishing in the Red Sea.

In February, Eritrea freed 55 Yemeni fishermen who claimed they were taken by force to an Eritrean island after the Eritrean authorities seized their boats while fishing in international waters.

Despite accords between the two countries on not to attack each other's fishing boats, during the last few months, many Yemeni fishing boats were reported taken by the Eritrean authorities.

The Eritrean authorities usually release Yemeni fishermen after confiscating their boats and fish they hunt.

Last year, hundreds of Yemeni fishermen were held by the Eritrean authorities but until this moment Yemeni fishermen still wait for a government action

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