Fredrik Malm (photo wikipedia)
Fredrik Malm. Photo. Wikipediaa

Swedish citizens with their origin in Eritrea sometimes are forced to pay two percent of their net income in tax to the Eritrean government writes Expressen. That is of course in addition to the ordinary Swedish taxes. The Eritrean embassy collects the lists of income for the tax office, that information is public.

Refusal to pay might result in imprisonment if they return to Eritrea on vacation.

Fredrik Malm, Member of Parliament from Folkpartiet (socialliberal) says to Expressen. –If this information is accurate, the persons involved at the Eritrean embassy can not be diplomats here anymore. The Swedish state has monopoly on collecting taxes in Sweden.

Malm says that those who are affected should be allowed to have their incomes made confidential.

Tommie Ullman

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