We are glad to inform our Arabic-speaking audience that, finally, Asmarino.com is ready to start its Arabic Pages section no later than next week.
As you might have noticed the sign “Arabic Pages – Coming Soon” has been in Asmarino.com’s front page for quite some time. We understand that “coming soon” has not been soon enough. Hopefully, you will forgive us for holding you in suspense for such a long time.
Given that our staff works on voluntary basis, it is only understandable that it took some time to find dedicated and competent individuals who will soon be entirely at your service.

We are sure that Asmarino.com, and hence our audience, will be more enriched by the additional dialog that our Arabic speaking brothers and sisters will constructively generate.
Nevertheless, we would also like to remind our readers and contributors that we could only be as enriched as they would let us be. For starters then, we would like for anyone who to contribute to the Arabic section to send his/her article to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Asmarino Staff