So far in 2016 Brexit has become one of the most unexpected historical shocks of freedom in action. Amazingly even though majority of Britons voted to leave the 50+ years old European Union in search for creative and constructive change, the result was not in line with what they were told to expect by the leaders/tricksters of the movement. To make it worse, after the votes were counted and the winner announced the result was nothing but multiple of crisis that wiped out 2 to 3 trillion dollars from the global stock market in a single day. Thus it wouldn’t be an overstatement to emphasize that despite their extensive experience in global governance Britons seem to have miscalculated the potency of diversity in relationships.  A surprising point of the end result in the process is the surprise of many voters. Undoubtedly they were confused and couldn’t agree with their emerged direction in history. As a matter a fact millions said what did we do and signed a petition requesting reconsideration. Unfortunately reversal does not seem to be near option for the time being. All in all the trend is kind of “wait to see” infested uncertainty that is shaking global economic and political achievements.

    And now before the turmoil of Brexit calms down, another historical shock is opening a new chapter in history. That is on the other side of the Atlantic a very influential essence of freedom in action is advancing in US politics. In other words a billionaire and Brexit admirer Donald Trump and former secretary of state madam Hillary Clinton are shaking the pillars of Freedom in Action with winds of different directions about how the world should work in order to shape progress in history. More than anything else what amazes me in this situation is the civility of promoting a woman candidate to the most powerful office in the world. I hope the outcome of Freedom in Action of this effort is not going to be followed by another stunned voter reaction “what did we do”.   

     While waiting for voters to decide the outcome, the ongoing process of upholding a woman to the White House reminds me a related topic of competitive composition that I participated in Asmara. Interestingly the subject matter was asking for a composition that analyzes the timing of a woman presidency in the USA. It was proposed by the newspaper “Keste Debena” assisted by related services of US embassy in Asmara. Soon at the end of the process three winners were announced on its edition of 01/12/2000. I remember at that time plenty of newspapers were challenging the stagnancy of freedom in action in Eritrean politics. Any way I participated in the competition and my paper was a second winner. For that effort I was awarded a certificate and free lunch! Frankly speaking and lucky enough to exercise freedom in action in the USA now, I have to confess! My paper missed the prophecy by far. Because I tried to convince readers that it may take about another millennium change for a super power like the USA to have a woman president.  

    What a hash, is it only mine or kind of life is always full of rush? Half a century long of brakeless run in the spectrum of living, what I have seen is a style anxiously occupied in adding and subtracting dreams to get a sum or a difference in space or time regardless of size. With no exaggeration the broad spectrum of Freedom in action is still unimaginable in parts of the world where I spent my 50+ years.

   Simply said, what I had been yearning for long was trying to claim mine from whatever The Almighty has dispersed in the atmosphere by day one. That is the day when he arranged a work schedule to blow respirational air into the nose of his creature made of clay. And it was after this miraculous heavenly intervention in history the guy made of clay started breathing and got ready to go. However date of birth was not recorded to guess how ready he was. No mater of his age he was named Adam anyway. Plus he was graciously granted the opportunity to exercise freedom in action in ways his cohabitants cannot.

    And he did! But as it is well known from the centuries old childhood teaching, Adam messed up at the first referendum in the history of human being! Consequently in response to his vote the lights of Eden were switched off and the gates of heaven were sealed once and for all. More over even Mother Nature was jumbled by the direction futurity that followed the collision of the two decisions. That is one looking for a better and the other demonstrating power. Extraordinarily speechless animals wept, cloudless thunders were heard leaves and flowers were blown by winds and mountain rocks exploded into stones. To make it worse, this first app of freedom in action transformed Adam from a neighbor to God where he was enjoying plenty of all at no charge, into an earthly boss where there was no telephone or 911 calls. Harshly the earth was pushed down far, far away from the sky!

  Poor Adam, even though he said what did I do and signed a petition for reconsideration as soon as he learned the outcome of his freedom in action, he was not lucky enough to have a makeup. Yet despite all the unexpected challenges he encountered he didn’t give up. Instead outsmarting the changes, he created an invisible remote known as religion hoping to renew connections with the heavenly kingdom. With no exaggeration this reflects part of his adaptation skills in line with the changes that reigned post his deportation from the neighborhood of his origin.

   Bear with me!  This does not mean the first experiment of freedom in action was a curse that deserves remorse. The implication is as the process of aging proceeds on its natural course; so many encounters are mind-boggling and involve losses or gains. For instance a lot of front line hair grays and falls in countless numbers. But smarter ones emerge in the shades of safely guarded anatomical corners exercising freedom in action or responding to the threat of survival of the fittest. So lessons learned from decisions of Freedom in Action prove that with any change in environmental conditions success depends on newly learned skills. So I dare to say aging is a wonderful journey and change is the beauty of life and living. Isn’t it?

    Regardless of what it is, it has ceaseless flow of ideas that decorate days, weeks, months, years or calendars with countless issues or images of freedom in action. As it proceeds though there can be a day that it may feel decelerating which can also be followed by another day that may feel it is accelerating fast, past the display memories can cast. Any way at the end of the day when approaching the sum of addition or the difference of subtraction it generates hope for more and life for tomorrow.   

     Ideally freedom seems to be part of endowment where there is miracle to expect. But in reality it is easier to imagine as complexity to believe rather than imaging its reality. And in the absence of relativity the search to enjoy or live it may turn to be like the stories of once upon a time.  At times it may match wonderful dreams and sometimes it may look as if it sparks in the dark and disappears in the mighty night like magical heroes in tales told. Having that imagination in mind, under the sky if I dare to apply my senses to touch, see or identify; the color, the flavor, the beauty or the character of freedom in action, I believe everybody will say good to try. And as everybody does I will also try till I die.

     However as I grow older I am learning more about how huge the spectrum of freedom in action is. Magnificently it always keeps expanding. Accordingly for a teenager a high schooler and a part time worker, where 15 minute breaks are common, freedom in action may indicate an added value of smoking break.  For a college candidate who hustles to navigate where opportunities activate, the pendulum sways up to the poles of driving late and the confidence of packing wining and dining items with an I-pad in a book bag. And sometimes too much fun in pubs or night clubs may hide evening stars erasing borders of driving under influence to the extent of bothering the sleepless community messenger third shift traffic soldier.

    Another astoundingly new aspect of Freedom in Action that bothers so many is sexless reproduction. Educated or not for those who grew up in traditions where religion is part of the cultural establishment, arranged marriage plays a decisive role in shaping the renowned concept of reproduction. Based on that wisdom it used to be confined and defined for centuries as a relationship of one to one and man to woman, performing it otherwise dooms to hell after demise.

     Amazingly and recently the power of Freedom in Action has been eroding this norm frantically. Consequently as life expectancy knocks the bar of a century the norm of one to one is being labeled as too long, out dated and boring. Worse man to man, woman to woman or single man and single woman are becoming an expression of trending in parenting in the sphere of freedom in action. That’s scary in a sense that it challenges the cultural power and flavor of love stories exemplified by the famous Romeo & Juliet! Is it not?

      Incredibly, for a traveler like me who had spent 50 plus years of living in Eritrea and Ethiopia, geography shrinks as aging advances. In other words slowly but surely the significance of borders gets less and less. To the contrary the kind of Freedom in Action that sets the norm at my place of origin doesn’t allow thinking outside the box of geographic and demographic borders. Too much of life and resources is vested in misinterpreting the vigor of independence. As a matter of fact the notion of unity or unionist is branded as an expression of a disliked option or underdogs.

     Knowingly or unknowingly wars can be ignited for as easy as a minor border dispute. Then once the war is on, killing a neighbor or winning a battle are the main parameters to demonstrate power or strength. Plus nationalism is boosted by wars, underscoring the number of martyrs while exaggerating the number of killed neighbors. Based on that style of governance leaders aged 50+ validate not talking to each other for as long as 20+ years. Consequently cultures are polluted with animosity and hatred. Comparatively looking at this leadership style, it is not less than day dreaming to push the distance between the geographical and demographic borders of neighbors as far as Adam’s earth was pushed away from the blue sky. Isn’t this crime in history?

    Comparatively my new life in America is glorified with the beauty of freedom in action. I can’t believe after 50+ years in life and living I am blessed to think in terms of votes not wars. However the problem is, even though the sun rises and sets as it does in Eritrea and Ethiopia, with no sign of a cut in minutes or hours, my days and nights in America look like little shorter to fill the gap. As a matter of fact the most common adjective of my new style of living is busy, busy, busy and sometimes it goes incredibly crazy to the extent no comprehending is easy.

    I am not exaggerating; slots in the new life are a lot. Particularly for a first generation immigrant from Africa not only the pace with computers but coping with cultures can be slow to congest the work flow. To verify this perception by example let me tell a story about an encounter on my daily life.  To start I was the only man/male in the shift and everything was running smooth and fast. Hoping to focus better my preference was a style staying quiet makes it right. But out of the blue a young lady approached me from my right side and said; sir how are you doing? My instant response was doing great! Hope you are. With a shining smile brightening her beautiful face and slight body movement backwards, she said can I ask you a question? To which my immediate reply was O’ya! And then with a slight retreat and rubbing her palms she said do you have a daughter?

    That was a question that took me couple of minutes to ponder. So in order to continue the discussion I moved my direction towards her position. Then I noticed all the associates were paying attention to the activity of the young lady standing in front of me. Even though a little bit confused, my response to her question was, yes I do. To which her immediate words were how old is she?  And my answer was not in numbers but a statement that says she is almost as old as you!  Soon following the few questions and answers she proudly affirmed her age by saying I am 23. And added is she? Then I understood I got it wrong. But in order to correct myself I said oh! Noooooo! She is 16+.  Finally with body movement as if getting ready to run away, she stated her calculated question do you give her ride when she dates? 

      Wow! Truth be told I have never expected to be asked such a question in life and I do not have a clear answer so far. What I know is I said something. It may not even be in English!  With no clue of what and how I said it, for sure it was loud any way. Finally after doing what she did she tried to hide between the isles.

  Poor me! Till I gathered the strength of my presence at my work pace, I was stunned for a minute.  The fact of the matter is I know I have been in America for a decade but I don’t know why I sound like I came from another planet and the process of shifting my consciousness from my original place is proving slow. Amazingly with customers on line to the register staring at me all associates behind the counter continued enjoying the incident.  Last but not least even though the young lady unboxed the world view in my mind, I was not left alone. Thanks God, a grandma who works as cashier came to hug me. I loved the hug because it gave me comfort to justify my position that there are also some people who see the world the way I do.

   Whether I like it or not living in a real world where change is the rule and coming from part of the planet where religion shapes a big part of the culture I got a good lesson from a young lady half of my age. Looking forward I am working to find out if the question I was asked, that is dating is an exercise of Freedom in action or it is a sin that dooms the soul to hell forever after living on the planet is over. I hope I am not losing my direction in aging due to the wonders or blunders of freedom in action!

   Any way regardless of too much historical experience and countless books of knowledge the process of Freedom in Action seems to be missing the benefit of accumulated wisdom to avoid surprises like “what did we do” in the aftermath. For now hoping to avoid such kind of surprise my vote is for Hillary. Because I believe her way is better option how Freedom in action can avoid blunder in history and add up to get a sum that can warranty wonders in progress plus a safe transfer of the most annihilating artificial codes on earth.

Daniel Teclegiorgis (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 08/07/2016



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