We can all be an educator (let others know what's going on),diplomat (balanced approach),community activist(talk to everyone who'll listen), political strategist(talk with elected representative), fist-shaker, mountain-hollerer, and foot stomper. It starts with releasing the ego. You see the ego says "I don't want to get involved" it says " the people I know aren't interested in this issue." The ego says "there is too much to do and I don't have the time"

The ego will strip you of that innate desire to roll up your sleeves and help. It would have you believing that you are in deed not a global citizen on this planet called Earth. Once you throw off the veil of "it's not my concern" and don the workman's clothes only then will you see just what you can do.

You can forward emails, videos, news clips to EVERYONE in your contact list. You never know who is willing to help. Moreover you never know who in your contact list know of others who may advance the cause.

Remember the ego will get in the way.

Donate time by making phone calls

Donate time by talking up your issue to let people know what you do with your spare time. Yes we read, go to plays, opera, movies et cetera during our down time but we also lend our energy to spreading awareness.

Go to twitter and rant if you will just say something like "the world is watching Eritrea" say something anything to bring attention.

Donate money. Start a ribbon campaign or whatever works in your community.

If everyone do something that grows into a big something over time. If everyone does nothing then we are failing ourselves and humanity. We are global citizens when all is said and done.