Alsalam Alikum we Rahmatualllah we barakato

Thanks and appreciation to the eritrean people in and out side eritrea for standing by us in our plight and for supporting us in my name and the name of the family and children of wedi Ali I repeat my thanks

Bakheta Idris 
The wife of Saed Ali Hajea


ኣብ ኤርትራ፡ እቲ መራሕ-ሃገር ወትሩ ቄናን’ዩ

ክልተኡ መዓልታት ናጽነትን ሰማእታትን ቀልዲ ኣይኰነን። ንፍረ ናይቲ ንርእሰ-ውሳነ ዝተኻየደ ገድሊን ንዕኡ ዝተኸፍለ ዋጋን ምጽንባልን ምኽባርን ናይ እማን...