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Press Release

State Department 2013 Human Trafficking Report on Eritrea (Tier 3):Worst Ranking for 5 Consecutive Years

The Government of Eritrea does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so. The Eritrean government did not operate transparently, nor did it publish data or statistics regarding efforts to combat human trafficking. Although the government acknowledged the existence of a trafficking problem, including sending a letter seeking assistance of the UN Secretary-General, and warning its citizens of the dangers that traffickers posed, authorities largely lacked understanding of human trafficking, conflating it with all forms of transnational migration from Eritrea. The government rejected responsibility for creating circumstances that drove its citizens to flee the country.



Letter to the President of the Federal States of Somalia

Despite Somalia's current challenges, the Eritrean people still need your support. However I am very confident that your country will continue to show strong leadership on this issue and others, and for that you have my praise and admiration along with that of Eritreans around the world. Your support for the Eritrean people, for the fundamental rights of the Persons with Albinism, and for others, will not be forgotten.




Elsa Chyrum, Director of Human Rights Concern Eritrea, said, "We are glad that we have come this far in raising the dire human rights situation in Eritrea. We welcome the Special Rapporteur's report which has confirmed what has been reported by Eritrean and international human rights organisations for years. We are also pleased with the adoption of the new resolution to extend the mandate, and the opportunity given to the Special Rapporteur to present her report in New York at the General Assembly, and therefore to put more pressure on the Eritrean government.

"We thank all the delegations that played a positive role in ensuring that this resolution was adopted by the HRC and that the Eritrean people's suffering is highlighted."



The Washington D.C. Conference

A Conference under the theme “Time for Change: Saving Eritrea’s Future” was held in Washington D.C. during the period May 24-25, 2013.

This conference, organized by Eritreans who came from all over the United States and Canada, was attended by about 2000 Eritrean-Americans, Eritrean-Canadians, and friends of Eritrea. This conference was held on the sidelines of the Washington D.C. demonstration, which has been sufficiently covered but on which we would like to dwell briefly.



UN Urges the World to Keep Eritrea Under Scrutiny

GENEVA (5 June 2013) – The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Eritrea, Sheila B. Keetharuth, today reiterated her call on the international community to keep monitoring the human rights situation in Eritrea and to protect and support those fleeing the country, in particular the increasing numbers of unaccompanied children.

“I urge the international community to keep Eritrea under close scrutiny until meaningful change is evident,” Ms. Keetharuth said during the presentation of her first report to the UN Human Rights Council. “It will be important to increase efforts to constructively engage with Eritrea and neighbouring countries to improve the situation of human rights in the country.”



Abie Seyoum's moving speech at the Assembly and the side event

Today, I stand before you on behalf of all the children of Eritrean prisoners. All are named after their father, like me. We want to know what happened to our fathers, our mothers. We want to know why our government inflicts this suffering on us. When my sister and I went to see the Eritrean ambassador in Paris to give him a letter and ask him questions, he called the police. We do not know what to do.

So we turn to you. You're our only hope. There are Eritrean diplomats at the UN and in many capitals of your respective countries. The Government of Eritrea has been recognized by the international community that you represent.

So on behalf of all the prisoners' children, I ask you one thing. Turn to the representatives of the Eritrean government. Turn to them and ask them the question they do not want to answer: "Where are the prisoners? What have you done to them? And why? Release them. Give them back to their families."

I want my father back. Belula and I, we want our name back. Help us, please.



Eritrean Nationals in the Greater Bay Area Celebrated 22nd Independence Day with Great Enthusiasm

Large crowd of mostly youth Eritreans gathered in Oakland, California on Sunday May 26 to Celebrate our country’s 22nd Independence Day. This gathering was exceptional in many ways. To begin with, the National Holiday was prepared by the effort and co-operation of different political organizations, civic societies and independent citizens namely, Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYSC), Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC), Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) and  Eritreans with no political affiliation. Secondly, the hall was packed with participants of all ages with mostly young men and women.



UNITED NATIONS: Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea

The present report is submitted pursuant to Human Rights Council resolution 20/20.It is based upon the initial observations of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea and information gathered from a variety of other sources, including Eritrean refugees interviewed during a field mission to neighbouring countries from 30 April to 9 May 2013. In the report, the Special Rapporteur provides an overview of the most serious human rights concerns in Eritrea, including cases of extrajudicial killing, enforced disappearance and incommunicado detention, arbitrary arrest and detention, torture, inhumane prison conditions, indefinite national service, and lack of freedom of expression and opinion, assembly, association, religious belief and movement. Shen addresses a number of recommendations to Eritrea and the international community aimed at improving respect for human rights in the country.



Hundreds of Eritreans and Concerned Americans March for Freedom in Eritrea

May 24, 2013  Today hundreds marched in Washington, DC to decry the acute mistreatment of Eritrean people and the country itself by the self-serving and self-perpetuating government.  At the Eritrea embassy, the group found a counter-demonstration set up by supposed regime supporters, which had arranged things ahead of time, forcing the local police to set up a caged “neutral area” between the groups. The freedom-loving opposition side outnumbered the regime supporters by at least half again.  The vehemence of the oppositionists surpassed the other group, whose voice was primarily loud music, and which did not have its usual covey of children along.  Ironically, the regime supporters who were demonstrating against the oppositionists, were using the freedom of expression available here but not to any oppositionists back home.



African Civil Society calls for AU action on Eritrea

We, the undersigned representatives of African civil society, present our compliments and congratulations on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the African Union and the Organisation of African Unity. Reflecting the overall theme of 2013 as the year of Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance, we are writing to call on the African Union to take urgent action to respond to the appalling situation of widespread and systematic human rights violations in Eritrea, especially in light of the commemoration’s sub-theme of promoting peace and security in Africa.



Eritrea Media Sustainability Index, 2012

The rapid advancement in media technology has opened up world media, making it increasingly difficult to conceal what is going on within the borders of a totalitarian state. Eritrea remains one of the few states in the world to successfully isolate its people from global information exchange. Under the slogan “Serving the Truth,” Eritrean media are managed entirely by the Ministry of Information. The ministry simply manufactures and disseminates government propaganda, stifling alternative views while protecting the country’s leadership.



Eritrean Child Prisoners Join Hunger Strike in Aswan Prison

Yesterday, a large group of Eritrean prisoners in an Aswan prison concluded a three-day hunger strike, in desperation protesting their continued incarceration without charge or trial.  They were joined by some of the young children incarcerated with their mothers in the prison.  The Government of Egypt has apparently accepted that they are victims of human trafficking, brought into Egypt against their will, yet they are not being released after many months.  The prisoners report poor conditions in the prison, and a lack of food and access to medicine and treatment.  ...



Freedom Friday makes over 10,000 Independence Day Calls and distributes flyers in Asmara

(Asmara 16- 05-2013) Freedom Friday Activists in Asmara have started their Independence Day 2013 Campaigned themed, From Here to Dignity, by distributing hundreds of high definition glossy posters depicting the Eritrean Tragedy and calling on all Eritreans to play their role in putting a stop to these. The flyers with the word ‘Enough!’ written in bold across the middle were distributed in the centre of Asmara as well as some of the outskirt regions.



Asmarino Fundraising! Simply because there is so much more to be done!

Asmarino is one of the earliest and pioneering websites that has been providing media service to Eritreans at home and in Diaspora for the last 15 years.


ኣይበልናን'ዶ ኣይበልናን'ዶየ!

ህግደፍ... ሕጂ'ዶ ይሓይሽ?

ሰንሰለት ህግደፍ ልሕጺ ዕፉን ኮይኑ!

ቦሎኛ ካብ ዳስ ሓበን ናብ ዳስ ሓዘን! መልእኽቲ ነደታት ተሳተፍቲ ቦሎኛ Let's "ALL" Meet in Bologna


Updated Submission Guide

Submission Guidelines:

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Thank you for your cooperation.

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