Eritrea: Regime intensifies militarization and spying

(Asmara 24-03-2016) the regime in Eritrea is attempting to bolster its militerazation project by requesting everyone under the age of 50 to report for training and deployment to their local recruitment centres, Arbi Harnet (freedom Friday) activists reported today.

Notices that appeared in  Asmara detail that anyone who is under the age of 50 and is not already working for the government  ought to report to their local administrative offices for training. The notice also tells people over the age of 50 that they can’t leave the country without depositing 200,000 nakfa bond as a  guarantee of their return.

Additionally the regime is also using spies to monitor activities on the streets of Asmara to an unprecedented degree investing in a wide range of people to monitor every move of citizens. The latest group to be recruited are very young children who make a living by vending cigarettes and sweets on the streets. Activists fear that this might drive more people to contemplate leaving Eritrea illegally.