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Press Release

Letter to Djibouti Government on the Status of Eritrean Refugees and Prisoners of War

As we have done in the past, my organization is ready to assist in any manner. We have transferred refugees from neighboring countries to Ethiopia, whose government has generously set up refugee camps for them. Since the pressure such a large number of refugees bring to the local resources is considerable, we would appreciate it if your Government would consider accepting the request of any Eritrean refugees that may wish to be transferred to Ethiopia with the Government’s permission. In Ethiopia, the Eritrean refugees will be able to find assistance amongst their kin who are already in the camps and as many of the refugees are coming from the highlands of Eritrea, they share cultural and religious ties with the population around the refugee camps set up in Ethiopia.



ICER Action Alert: Yemen to Deport Eritrean Refugees

According Yemeni News Agency, SABA Yemeni and Eritrean officials discussed last Saturday regarding security issue and the  fishermen operating in and around the territorial waters of both countries. It was also learned that the issues of the refugees was high in the agenda, where the Eritrean side insisted that Eritreans illegal residing in Yemen are to be returned home.  We believe that the proposal was accepted by the Yemini officials. The Yemeni Interior Minister Abdul-Qader Qahtan expressed the burdens and difficulties that his government faces as a result of the illegal immigration from the Horn countries and show his readiness to provide mechanism by which the illegal immigrants are expelled to Eritrea. ...



Over 10,000 phone messages of defiance sent to Eritrea

(Asmara 18-09-2012) 11,300 mobile phones, businesses and homes in Eritrea received messages condemning the regime and its heinous acts violating the human rights of countless Eritreans.
The messages that were sent by a diaspora based youth group ArbiHarnet (freedom Friday), were on the occasion of what the Group and many human rights activists call ‘Eritrea’s Black September’.



EMDHR Commemorates 18 September

The Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (EMDHR) held a comprehensive seminar on 15 September 2011 as part of its commemoration of the 18th September 2001 when Eritrean reformists widely known as G-15 and independent media journalists were kidnapped and disappeared since.



Black Tuesday, ‘justice delayed: justice denied’

Eleven years ago on September 18, 2001, the government of Eritrea decided to shutdown all the once thriving privately owned newspapers in an effort to silence dissent and launched a crackdown on its editorial board members. Within a range of a couple of days more than nine journalists were jailed and never returned back.  Consequently, Eritrea became the only country in Africa without a private media and ranked the worst country in the world to be a journalist by Reporters Without Borders and the Committee to Protect Journalists.



Eritrea: Pirate Transmission Silences Sole Independent News Outlet for Three Weeks

Radio Erena (Our Eritrea), a Paris-based radio station that broadcasts to Eritrea, one of the world's most closed countries, and to the Eritrean diaspora, has been the victim of sabotage that prevented it from being carried by the Arabsat radio and TV satellite service for three weeks.

The sabotage took the form of a pirate transmission from within Eritrea that jammed Radio Erena's signal. The station was unable to resume broadcasting until around 6 p.m. yesterday.

Launched by Reporters Without Borders in 2009, Radio Erena is the only source of independent news in the local language for Eritreans inside Eritrea and, as such, has been the target of the government's constant hostility. (Watch a presentation video about Radio Erena that was made in March 2010)



Three journalists held since 2001 die in Eiraeiro prison camp

After several weeks of investigating reports from sources in Eritrea and from prison guards who fled the country, Reporters Without Borders has been able to confirm that three more journalists – Dawit Habtemichael, Mattewos Habteab and Wedi Itay – have died in the northeastern prison camp of Eiraeiro. All three had been held since late 2001.

Another journalist arrested in February 2009, whose identity has not been established with certainty, has also reportedly died in detention – in his case, in Adi Abeito military prison near the capital, Asmara.



Deepest Message of Condolence from Kentiba Asberom Families

On behalf of the Big Kentiba Asberom families rooted in Ma-Ereba (Akeleguzai and other Awrajas of Eritrea and beyond) in general and those based in Las Vegas and elsewhere in particular; the  members of Azmatch Wondefrash  and  The Enda Fasil families  of Adi Mengoti  and ALL other members of the KENTIBA ASBEROM families of Eritrea and Beyond would like to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to the wife and children of Ato Meles and all  members  of Ato Zenawi Asres family on the sudden and untimely death of our dear member of our Big family. ...



ICER Alert: Israeli Laws and the Barring of Refugees from its Territory

Recently the Israeli defense force prevented 42 Eritrean would be asylum seekers from entering Israel by forcefully handing them over to the Egyptian border guards. This is a new phenomenon that surprised many human right workers among them the Hotline for Migrant Workers and the Refugee Right Forum. In the past those able to sneak to Israel were allowed to stay temporarily without being provided any assistance. It is not surprise therefore, that in the month of July 250 were able to enter Israel against 2000 in June. It is sad irony; the Israeli border is getting tighter by the day putting the criminals in Sinai out of business. The tough stance of the Israeli authorities is also hoped to decrease or even stop the uncontrollable flow of Eritreans to Israel. ...



Solidarity Message to Eritrean Youth Global Conference, Stockholm, Sweden

The historic Eritrean Youth Dialogue Forum held in Bishiftu (Debre Zeiit) Ethiopia in July 2012 was a precedent setting watershed event. The most strategic decision made by the Dialogue Forum was the choice of foregoing the umbrella formula and opting for a struggle under one unifying organization. We believe this decisive breakthrough has to be solidly supported and championed, by those who put the fundamental interest of the people of Eritrea ahead of their organizational agenda and interest. The time has come for Eritrean Youth to step up and assume their unavoidable leadership role in the struggle to democratize Eritrea.



March for Freedom and Human Rights

Please support our 4th march by showing your solidarity and by helping to spread the news within the local media on our march for awareness raising on human rights, democracy and peace. We appreciate your solidarity and support and thank you in advance just like all the people who will have achieved their freedom one day.

We invite everyone to join us to walk parts or even the whole route.



Freedom Friday’s September 18th Campaign Launch

I was one of the disabled veterans who have sacrificed their youth for the Eritrean cause. A self taught activist who has made defending the human rights of Eritrean people my main focus. I have rejecting the Eritrean ruling regime’s injustices and refused to be silenced.

I was one of the first who spoke out against the arrest and disappearance of my colleagues and compatriots on September 18th; I also refused to be silenced by the threats and cover-ups that followed the event and as a consequence I too was arrested and was made to ‘disappear’, my whereabouts or situation is completely unknown.




In ceremonies that will be held around the world, September 1, 2012 shall be a day when we symbolically pass the torch of liberty to the next generation. Today’s generation is the torch bearer of this responsibility. We shall proudly follow the footsteps of Idris Awate and his sacred mission. Awate’s vibrant history should not be allowed to fade away or get stained by the PFDJ’s wicked deeds.

We encourage every Eritrean – younger and older, men and women, Muslims and Christians – to shout in unison and declare that “We Are All Awate!” Let our voices be heard in all corners of the world. Let us proudly seize the torch of liberty!



Asmarino Fundraising! Simply because there is so much more to be done!

Asmarino is one of the earliest and pioneering websites that has been providing media service to Eritreans at home and in Diaspora for the last 15 years.


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