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Press Release

20 Resistance posters in Asmara and nearly 40,000 robo-calls

(Asmara 31-12-12) Young Activists in Eritrea posted over 20 posters on the streets of Asmara on New Year ’s Eve. The Posters depicting a picture of Mr Idriss Ab-Arre, a disappeared disabled veteran of Eritrea’s struggle for independence, appealed to members of the public to help friends and families of Eritrea’s ‘dissapeared’ in locating their loved ones.

The initiative was a follow up to a campaign that was launched by Project ArbiHarnet (freedom Friday), in commemoration of September 18, 2001 when many politicians seeking political reform and journalists from Eritrea’s independent media disappeared overnight.



No asylum visas yet granted under new system.

The new Swiss legislation states that to be a conscientious objector is no longer a ground or sufficient reason to seek asylum in Switzerland for Eritreans and for that matter any refugee.  Until recently Swiss liberal policy has allowed Eritrean refugees to stay in the country temporarily and for the majority granted permanent residence permit after paying their dues, that is after a long wait. Today an ominous law is hovering over Switzerland that would affect the unfortunate refugees driven from home by oppressive economic and political policy pursued by the ever segregated, reclusive and dictatorial regime in Eritrea. Thus, Eritrean refugees should think twice before crossing the Mediterranean Sea for safe haven in that country or any country beyond the Refugee camps established by the UNHCR. As Amharic saying goes ‘Izam Isat Ale’



Free Aster Campaign 10,000 Robo Calls to Eritrea

On the 11th of December 2003 Aster arrived back in Eritrea from Arizona in the US, where she had been studying. Her return to the country was complicated by the fact of her husband Petros Solomon and several of his reformist colleagues were arrested and subsequently disappeared, in Sept 2001. Aware of the potential fate of her husband and unable to bring her four young children to the US to join her, Aster was forced to risk her own liberty by returning to Eritrea. She disappeared from the airport upon arrival and never even got the opportunity to see her children. Nine years on her mother Mrs Mezgheb Mengistu sent an emotional message, via robo messaigng, to the Eritrean public urging them to seek justice for her daughter, her son in-law and all other prisoners of conscience. In her message Mrs Mezgheb addressed the concern for many children of former freedom fighters, who like her own grand children have become orphaned and reminded Eritreans of the sacrifice paid by their parents who now languish in jail.



ICER Action Alert: Sudanese Police and Rashaida Human Traffickers Working Hand in Hand

Sad but bizarre story coming out of Kessela and Sinai explains the level of degradation and humiliation that an Eritrean person has to endure. A well known restaurateur by the name Cosco (nickname) in Shegraib refugee camp is kidnapped and sold with his wife to Bedouin Arabs and are asking 70,000 USD  for his release. It appears that Cosco has an impending court case involving Sudanese Security person in the camp who coveted his wife and made a pass to her several times. Cosco filed a complaint against the unruly Sudanese security person. One bright morning police arrived with a bogus court paper that he and his wife are required to appear before the judge for adjudication. Not suspecting foul play he followed the Sudanese officer where husband and wife were were handed over to Rashaida slave driver to be sold to Sinai where he and his wife are subjected to torture and rape.



Stop Modern-Day Slavery: Peaceful Demonstration

Human Rights Day is celebrated annually across the world on December 10th. This year, concerned Winnipeggers from various backgrounds will be heading to the Legislative Building on Monday, December 10th at noon, in a peaceful demonstration to raise awareness about the situation of Eritrean and other African refugees in Sinai. Modern Day slavery exists. And it affects people everywhere including Winnipeg.

Thousands have become victims of systematic and horrific atrocities in Egyptian Sinai, under Bedouin smugglers and their ‘guides.’ In his speech at the Clinton Initiative, in September 2012, President Barack Obama denounced it as ‘evil and barbaric…modern day slavery.’ Armed human smugglers kidnap vulnerable refugees from refugee camps, such as the Shegreab refugee camp in Sudan and other areas and take them to Sinai Desert. ...



Robo Calls to Asmara: Pray for Prisoners of Conscience and Refugees

(Asmara 30-11-2012) Thousands of calls were received by Asmara residents yesterday afternoon, reminding people to pull together in solidarity with prisoners and refugees and particularly His Holiness Abune Antonios the Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church, who disappeared in 2005, on the occasion of Hidar Tsion, the feast of St Mary.

The calls were initiated and coordinated by a diaspora based, youth campaign Arbi Harnet (freedom Friday), that has made around 50,000 similar calls over the last 12 months. 5000 out of 6800 (73%) calls were delivered successfully and a number of follow up one-to-one calls for all those who requested further information were also made, by members of the team.



Legal complaint filed in Paris about jamming of Radio Erena

“Geolocation indicates that the pirate transmission jamming the signal originates from within Eritrea. The government must be doing this in order to gag an independent broadcaster it clearly finds very irritating. This should come as no surprise from the rulers of a country ranked last in the Reporters Without Borders press freedom index for the past five years.

“But President Issaias Afeworki’s government will not get away with it. The complaint that we have filed points out that this piracy is completely illegal. Neither Radio Erena nor Reporters Without Borders have said their final word.”



ICER Action Alert: HOSTAGE TAKERS ‘ala Sinai’ IN YEMEN

The situation of refugees escaping the harsh reality in the Horn of Africa in particular Eritrea where the rule of law has given way to outright brigandry, extortion and most disturbingly to arbitrary detention has a taken a turn to the worst.  It is reported that in Yemen few gang operated hostage holding campus where refugees are tortured for ransom are mushrooming. According to some who passed through these torture camps local Sheiks and the seafarers who helped the cross the Red Sea are working hand in glove with the gangs. The camps are located in remote areas of Yemen and few near the border of Saudi Arabia. The source indicates that there are about 15 camps run by a group of gangs equipped with automatic guns, pick-up vehicles and motor cycles. One of the bases is located in a wooded area some 30 Km away from Mokha. The other most notorious one is across the border from Saudi Arabia near a small town called Haradh.



Afshin Rattansi: Please don’t talk about us without us!

Indeed if you had asked the people of Asmara where the best place to visit to give an idea of what is going on n Eritrea was; we are sure they would have pointed you to the various official and unofficial prisons dotted around the city, the most notorious of these known as Kersheli was within walking distance from where you were filming, it is unfortunate that your free access and unannounced visits turned a blind eye to this reality that didn’t require much digging.

Have you noticed that there really weren’t any young people on the streets of Asmara? We did, it is stark a reality even your rosy depiction couldn’t gloss over, if you had enquired Asmarinos would have told you that the city was between raids (giffa as we know it), the hunt down of young people, to forcibly send them to the military camps that we are surprised your camera missed.



Israel: Asylum Seekers Blocked at Border and Pushed Back to Egypt

The Israeli military has since June 2012 prevented dozens of asylum seekers, most of them Eritreans, from crossing Israel’s newly constructed fence on its border with Egypt, Human Rights Watch, the Hotline for Migrant Workers, and Physicians for Human Rights – Israel said today. Israel has also unlawfully deported dozens more back to Egypt, the three groups said. Israel should stop rejecting asylum seekers at the fence unless its officials determine in a fair procedure that they do not face threats to their lives or freedom or inhuman and degrading treatment because of that rejection.



Eritrean Refugees and POWs in Djibouti

A lack of compassion from the UNHCR has been observed by HRCE. Leaving detainees who suffer from tuberculosis without medication is beyond imagination and shocking. In some cases, medication was withdrawn before completion of the course (6 months) and, as a result, some have suffered lapses. Leaving TB patients without medication amongst other detainees is like condemning all to be infected, and this is also a serious act of negligence.

Haemorrhoids, ear/nose/throat/chest  and skin infections, heart disease, kidney disease, high  blood pressure, asthma and tonsillitis are just a few of the illnesses that go routinely untreated in the Centre.

(Photo: Elizabeth Chyrum, of Human Rights Concern Eritrea and Mr Hassan Darar Houffaneh, Djibouti’s Minister of the Interior.)



The Free Aster Yohannes Campaign

It is a paradox to see this happens in the 21st century to the very Eritreans who sacrificed every thing to self govern. The video [http://youtu.be/RgKDf7eXxEw]narrates the beautiful, mother, wife & tigress Tegadalit (Freedom Fighter) Aster Yohannes. There are many more high officials & ordinary citizens that are rotting and dying in the notorious Era-Ero prison and other Prison network in Eritrea without any hope of a trial or due process.



10,000 solidarity calls from the family of Dawit Isaac

(Asmara 13-10-2012) Esayas Isaac the brother of Eritrean journalist Dawit Issac made a passionate appeal for the Eritrean public to help him ascertain the welfare and whereabouts of his brother who disappeared after he was taken into custody by security officials.

The calls were coordinated by  a group known as ArbiHarnet or Freedom Friday (جمعة التحرير) , which has made over 43,00 robo calls and one to one calls, to Eritreans inside the country since its inception on 11-11-11 last year.



Asmarino Fundraising! Simply because there is so much more to be done!

Asmarino is one of the earliest and pioneering websites that has been providing media service to Eritreans at home and in Diaspora for the last 15 years.


ኣይበልናን'ዶ ኣይበልናን'ዶየ!

ህግደፍ... ሕጂ'ዶ ይሓይሽ?

ሰንሰለት ህግደፍ ልሕጺ ዕፉን ኮይኑ!

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Updated Submission Guide

Submission Guidelines:

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We have added strict SPAM filter on our Email Server, any email that has more than one recipient and not addressed to the proper asmarino pages (English, Tigrigna, Arabic pages) will be stored in the junk folder possibly delaying posting or never be posted.

From now onward, we are not going to accept multiple postings of articles. Exceptions will be made when an article is also posted at another website with a different audience, with little or no overlap with asmarino audience.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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