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    Representatives of seven non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from the UK and Ireland joined members of the Eritrean diaspora in a protest vigil outside the Eritrean embassy in London on 19 May, to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the imposition of severe restrictions on churches in Eritrea.

    Christian detainees are now said to number in the hundreds and also include members of the three sanctioned churches. The most high-profile is Abune Antonios, the legitimate patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church who in 2007 was put under house arrest and illegally replaced by Bishop Dioscoros, a clergyman approved of by the Eritrean government but unrecognised by the Orthodox papacy.

  • Eritrean Martyrs and the Price of Human Soul

    It is honorable that martyrs risked their life for what they believed was the right thing, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15:13), but what if I disagree with some of the martyrs’ opinions? or their cause or methods? Am I disrespecting them?

  • What’s really ‘inside Eritrea’? a comment on the misuse of Millennium Development Goals records by the BBC World News and others

    The Eritrean government has a complete monopoly of the country’s media. And since the government does not allow any journalists into the country, alternative reporting is often done by interpreting “the signs” from a distance. 

    Our knowledge of what goes on inside Eritrea is often based on exegetic analysis of the very little information we have. Most information is gained from personal testimonies of people that managed to leave the country.