Asmarino Fundraising: Because There Is So Much More to Be Done!

Dedicated to All Eritrean Veterans - ዓባይ ገረብ


My sincere thanks to Tegadalay Tzegai Negash for providing the solemn Martyrs’ music in this video.

I would like to thank Tegadalay Yohannes Tsegai (Snitna) for his continuous support and trust in me.

I could not close this note without acknowledging Tesfaldet Meharenna (Asmarino) for his support, friendship and sharing amazing photos of our struggle.

How could we not thank the great musician Habtom Debessai for creating this song and composing the music in such a short time?  Relentlessly saying:” They gave us much.  We can do this”

Last but not least, my children who lifted me above the pain of sorting poignant personal photos reminding us of our eternal grief.  Without them, I could not have finalized this short video to tell the great story of our valiant Tegadeltys/Veterans (Women and Men), of our Martyrs. The cruelty of the Ethiopian occupation. Our families,  our Mom and our Dad.  Our hope for our children. The everlasting nostalgia about our neighborhood.  The agony of our people lost in the Sinai desert and at sea.

Our Veterans unselfishly left their families and so many opportunities they put on hold, to fight for our freedom. They crossed fire, no matter how deep the cost to free us from slavery. Without their sacrifices, our cause would be lost.

They are forever scarred, but still a source of pride for Eritrea and Eritreans.

Let us take a brief pause in our day and remember our Veterans.  Our flags wave above our mountains in full glory because of our Veterans.

A day for them is long overdue.