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Who is Meron Estefanos?

… the subtitle here is: How many donqoros does it take to put together Dehai Message board!??

The state of mirrors the state of Eritrea perfectly… infact Eritrea enthusiasts should watch DMB carefully to give clues as to when PFDJ will literally run out of people to hold a pen and for it… We have seen its lesser partners succumb to simply posting videos, audios and posters… with no analysis of events as they unfold… here in London we measure the success of PFDJ events by how much wedi Gerahtu glows on dance floors or how dark and furious he looks… In Leeds sometime last year he looked so frighteningly dark I had to do triple take to find him. At last September’s ‘festival’ he looked so small and insignificant that I thought if the young demonstrators outside chanted their slogans any louder, he was going to go join the cross-legged children on the carpet upfront for protection…Yes PFDJ have stopped writing… because they have run out of people to write things for them…. And poor Sophie can’t be expected to reorder the same passage and present it with only the title changing all the time!!

Who remembers the time when we all used to flock to and marvel at the analytical capacity of fellow Eritreans?… I was on maternity leave then and had a brand new computer that was constantly logged to DMB and those debates and discussions made an activist out of me… those really were Dehai.orgs’s and Eritrea’s golden days and writing there, were Eritrean’s best…and these here are Eritrea’s darkest days and PFDJ turned such an institute as into a dumping ground for the most despicable Eritreans who can’t string more than three words together without their vulgarity spilling all over cyberspace… the glimpse we get into their inner working is so frightening that ignoring it is often the best response … but as the Amhara say: (I did tell you that these goons will have me exhaust my entire book of Amharic proverbs before I am done with them! And I probably learnt Amharic for such a day as this!)…qomatan qomata kalalut gebto yifetefital…

That is precisely why I want to address the qomatas at DMB! You see folks Meron isn’t hiding behind a nic name or a pen name… Meron doesn’t even ask you for your names when you phone her in anguish because your brother or sister is a victim in the Sinai… but you silly goons have no guts to even tell us who you are when you make such accusations… you know why? because there isn’t the slightest grainof truth in what you say apart from where you said: ‘her name is Meron Estefanos and she is a presenter for radio Erena’ but we all knew that already, because she tells us that week in week out! On the other hand the people who want us to believe, their garbage have no name, no face, no family history… no nice pictures of their gorgeous children on their facebook pages ….only a dark mind and vulgar pen typical PFDJ!

I went to Israel a couple of months back and spent many hours talking to victims of trafficking in Sinai… do you want to know why I was allowed into their homes and traumatised lives? because I was Meron’s friend! Meron cried with them when I was too overwhelmed to even listen to her radio programmes, Meron phoned their families and helped them coordinate rescues… Meron stayed up all night to do a body count of those who sadly died and logged every last detail… Meron comforted those who thought they had hours left to live and yes Meron gave me a kick on the backside and got me to be proactive rather than despondent… Meron encouraged me to go to Telaviv… Meron supported me to set up a women’s centre and Meron cheered me on every step of the way and last week she came back from Tel Aviv and told me how well the project is going!

Last month Meron led a delegation to the European union on a mission to highlight the atrocities the goons allege she is perpetrating, the day she flew back from Brussels she supported victims’ families to talk to international press about what is happening to us Eritreans in the Sinai… that same week our friends in Israel had a huge rally and Meron was posting their pictures live on Facebook and supporting them all of the four hours that the rally took place over… and all the while she was still fully engaged with all our projects on the EYSC facebook page… we always wonder how she does it and have daubed her Gual hidirtna as she doesn’t seem to sleep… the last message on the Arbiharnet message board is often from her because she is our robo message voice… and we all make our fancy corrections and wishful additions to make messages standout and Meron has to make it fit into a one min message while we sleep…

Friends in Tel Aviv gave her a well deserved hero’s welcome when she was there last week and some couldn’t believe that they actually lived long enough to see the voice across the desert that encouraged them and cried with them… she ran her fingers through their scars and was able to smile with them at the strength of their resolve to overcome… I hope I will one day be able to pay an apt tribute to the amazing human being my friend and sister Meron Estifanos actually is but in the meantime the fact that PFDJ goons dared to tarnish her reputation, makes me hate them even more and they have just given me one more reason to fight them every step of the way! I hate PFDJ!!!



I wasn’t this angry when PFDJ lied about my father and my husband… I laughed these off… but qomatan qomata kalalut gebto yifetefital! (I don’t refer to people with physical qumtina… only those qomata hangols!)


I know Meron well enough to know that she doesn’t need me standing by he to carry on...I am doing this for me... I suppose I am writing this to keep me sane...