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America got Talent: EriAm Sisters

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Haben Abraham and her sisters, Lianda and Salina, make up the trio The EriAm Sisters. With Haben only being 11 years old, Salina 13, and Lianda 15, these girls are well on their way!  Their songs No More, What I Wanna Be, and Never Let Go are really nice.  Haben, Salina, and Lianda all have very beautiful voices. If you have not heard their music or checked them out before, visit their Myspace Page HERE. Listen to their music and show them love!
EriAm Sisters

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ድምጺ መድረኽ - 13 04 2014 (corrected)

12.04.2014 المنتدى

ድምጺ መድረኽ - 11.04.2014


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