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Journalist Meron Estefanos received Isaak Prize of National Press Club's Western Circuit

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Journalist Meron Estefanos received during Monday evening Isaak Prize of National Press Club's western circuit. With its radio broadcasts that reach all the way to Eritrea, she gives voice to the silenced and imprisoned journalist Dawit Isaak.

National Press Club's West Circuit has since 2007 annually awarded a special Isaak Award to individuals or organizations involved in Dawit Isaak's spirit of freedom of expression, press freedom and democratic rights and freedoms.

This year's winner is debater, human rights activist and journalist Meron Estefanos which is host of the radio station Voice of Delina Maselna. The programs are made ​​in Tigrinya, sent from Stockholm and reach Eritrea via shortwave.

Meron Estefanos with her Eritrean background over the years have brought a stubborn fight for human rights and freedoms and for the release of the Eritrean-Swedish journalist Dawik Isaak. On several occasions she has been threatened and harassed by the regime loyal to exiled Eritreans in Sweden. As recently as the Book and Library Fair in September this year, Meron Estefanos was a victim of a death threat after a debate that drew the attention of the tenth anniversary of the imprisonment of Dawit Isaak.

- Meron Estefanos have to work very hard to illuminate Isaak situation and also working hard to secure his release, says Åke Lundgren, chairman of the PK West.

- She sheds light on a brave and meritorious way the situation in Eritrea and the exiled Eritreans have it in here in Sweden.

Meron Estefanos received the award on Monday evening during the ceremony at the Culture House in Stockholm in connection with the National Press Club meeting.

"I want to thank PK-west of this prestigious award. Dawit Isaak has been in jail too long without contact with either his family or friends, says  Meron Estefanos." She continues: "We must all continue to fight for Dawit and  highlight the injustices that he was exposed to every day. We must also continue to work for Dawit's release. This despite the fact that we have many regime supporters against us. This is a price that many of us pay, everyone who has been working hard for the release of Dawit deserves this special prize. My hope is that Dawit can celebrate his birthday with his family next year."

Price justification:

Meron Estefanos radio station Voice of Meselna Delina calls for resistance and provide information on basic human rights. Her participation in debates and demonstrations sheds light on imprisoned countrymen and their fate at home. She throws light on exileritreaners situation in Sweden, she sheds light on the situation in Eritrea. She throws light on Dawit Isaak situation, informing, forming public opinion and is in the forefront in the fight to free Dawit Isaak.

Meron Estefanos is an opinion leaders, debater, human rights activist, journalist and presenter of the radio station Voice of Meselna Delina, Meron's work in VOMD is done in  Stockholm and it broadcasts in Tigrinya  and via with short-wave it reachs Eritrea.
She is also active in human rights organization EMDHR, Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Rights.

The prize for Dawit Isaak-price is SEK 10 000.

Previous winners:
2007 Reporters Without Borders
in 2008, the Norwegian radio station Demokratic Voice of Burma
2009 Stiftelssen Expo
2010 Esayas Isaak

National Press Club's West Circuit


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